Fighting for the Majority

...electing Democratic leaders supportive of LGBT issues

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The 19th Annual Fighting for the Majority Event

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Dear Friends,

We ask you to join us in sponsoring this year's Fighting for the Majority to support restoring the state Senate to Democratic control and retaining the Democratic majority in the state House in November. The money that we raise will help fund the campaign to unseat several extreme anti-gay Republicans and ensure that advances in LGBT civil rights and on other progressive issues can resume in our state.

One of the dominant issues of the 2016 legislative session was where transgender people should be allowed to pee and undress.  Republicans proposed seven different bills to undo antidiscrimination protections and require that transgender people use only facilities corresponding with their sex at birth.  Republicans also continued to press to allow employment and housing discrimination against LGBT people when motivated by religious beliefs.

Majorities matter.  Having the majority in the House allowed us to block those bills from ever being heard.  But it takes majorities in both chambers to make progress.  Because conservative Republicans control the Senate, we have not been able to advance legislation to protect LGBT youth from "conversion therapy"; protect the right of women to access abortion; provide paid sick leave for all employees in the state; and raise revenue to fund education and human services, including for homeless LGBT youth.

Contributing to Fighting for the Majority is the most efficient and strategic way to ensure that the Democratic majority that delivered anti-discrimination, hate crime protection, safe schools, parentage rights, domestic partnerships, and marriage equality to the LGBT community can resume the fight for LGBT equality. Please join me today in sponsoring Fighting for the Majority.

Please click here to contribute to FFM.  Please make your sponsorship by September 27 in order to be recognized at the event. We look forward to seeing you on November 1 at 5:30 for the event!

Thank you,
Josh Castle & Louise Chernin
Co-Chairs, Fighting for the Majority


Thank you to our generous 2016 sponsors!

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Our Fabulous Heroes ($2,500+)

Danni Askini • Ellen Ferguson • Representative Laurie Jinkins & Laura Wulf • Representative Joan McBride & Margaret Meister • Senator Jamie & Eric Pedersen • Jeffrey Sutherland & Ben Aguiluz

Change Makers ($1,000-$2,499)

Jennifer Cast & Liffy Franklin • Susan & Eric Benson • Robert Eichler
Dave Horn & Jedsada Vanamathin • 
Senator Marko Liias • Ken Van Dyke

Rabble Rousers ($500-$999)

Paula Boggs & Randee Fox • Sam Castic & Danny Wilks • Kris Cappel  • David Copley & Steven Chapman • Jennifer Divine • Brian Giddons & Steve Rovig • Jill & Rodney Hearne • Quentin King & Glen Kriekenbeck • Brian Knowles • Vlada & Chad Knowlton • Nicole Macri & Deb Cayz • Linda Di Lello Morton & Tamara Murphy • Roger Nyhus • Tina Podlodowski & Barcy Fisher • Dan Shih & Ted MacGovern • Councilmember Michael Scott & Cullen Brady • Stephen Sprenger • James Stickman • Michael Theisen & Ronald Jones • Janna Wilson & Annette Joyce

Sponsors ($150-$499)

 Jane Abbott Lighty & Pete-e Petersen • Marty Babcock & Kas Kinkead??Desiray Bailey • Allison Beezer • Amie Bishop & Renee Holt • Janet Brownell & Lance Evans • Councilmember Tim & Joleen Burgess • Senator Reuven & Wendy Carlyle • Josh Castle • Elise Chayet • Louise Chernin & Mary Klein • Leslie Christian & Heather Anderson • Sally Clark & Liz Ford • Pamela Crone • John Dagres & Jack Odell • Thomas Dixon & Larry DeGroen • Marlys Erickson & Christine Hurley • William Fleming & Steven Zeliadt • Charles Fuchs & Richard Jost • Gary Fuller & Randy Everett • Calvin Goings & David Ham • Julie Goldberg • Ralph Gorin • Jeffrey Graham & John Longres • Senator Cyrus Habib • Bill Hammer & Jim Miersma • Roy Hamrick • Ted Hanson • Monisha Harrell & Tami Olson • Rod Hearne • Michael Heath & Christopher Heath-Canlas • Howard Henry • Kris Hermanns • Samantha Kersul • Seth Kirby & Anna Shelton • Marilynn Knapp • Alan Kristal & Jason Lamb • Keith Laepple & David Wang • Paul Lambros • Jessica LaVigne • Lonnie Lusardo • Jeff Manson • Marshall McClintock & John Corso • Andy McKim • Mina Mercer • Drew Ness • Martha Norberg  • Guy Palumbo • Kathleen Paul • Thomas Pitchford • Scott Plusquellec • Michael Podlin • Dan Poliak • William Powell & Eric Candell • Terry Price & Joe Janes • Adrienne Quinn • Kate Roosevelt & Caroline Maillard • Charles Rose & Ryan Belcher • Steve Sheehy & Davis Bergmann • Stephen Silha & Gordon Barnett • James Smith • Suzanne Thomas • Richard Thorvilson & Phillip Mroz • Councilmember Dave Upthegrove & Chad Harper • Representative Brady Walkinshaw & Micah Horwith • David Ward • Heather Weiner & Carma Clark 



What is Fighting for the Majority?

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What is Fighting for the Majority?

In 1998 after a Republican-controlled legislature overrode Governor Locke’s veto to create the state’s so-called Defense of Marriage Act, a dedicated group of gay and lesbian citizens recognized that if the LGBT community were to advance civil rights at the state level they would need to get involved in electoral process in a clear and powerful way.  They decided to create a fundraiser to help elect legislators who would stand for equality.   By and large, Democrats were the only candidates and legislators willing to do so, so the event benefitted Democrats. These citizens dubbed the successful fundraiser Fighting for the Majority. It became an annual event, and today Fighting for the Majority raises more “hard” money to support the Democratic caucuses than any other fundraiser.

Why give to Fighting for the Majority?

Funds raised by Fighting for the Majority go to directly support the election of Democratic legislators in swing districts via the House Democratic Campaign Committee and the Washington Senate Democratic Campaign (HDCC and WSDC). Armed with electoral expertise, research and polling, the WSDC and HDCC dynamically target our funds to the swing districts where they are most needed. This means, of course, Democratic legislative candidates who don’t necessarily have a large or obvious LGBT constituency in their districts nevertheless will receive LGBT support. This raises the awareness that the LGBT community is an important constituency for all Democrats in the Legislature.

How does Fighting for the Majority Work?

Fighting for the Majority is one of simplest fundraisers ever. Volunteers serve on the organizing committee, and they help get the word out.  Individuals can sponsor the event starting at the $150 level, and couples may sponsor starting at $300. Sponsors who make their donation by September 27 will be recognized on the printed invitation to the sponsorship recognition event. The expense of the event is minimal so nearly all the funds raised go directly to support the retention of a Democratic majority in the Legislature.  To contribute

How does Fighting for the Majority fit in with the passage of the marriage legislation?

LGBT issues have been a priority of the Democratic caucus for years. While we are grateful for the Republicans who’ve supported bills we care about, unfortunately, none of the legislative progress made for the LGBT community in Washington would have been made over the last few years if Republicans had a majority in either legislative house. While there clearly are individual Republicans who support equality for LGBT people (whom we’re grateful for!), the party as a whole, and the leadership of the party in particular, have been staunch opponents of LGBT equality.

What Democratic or LGBT supporting seats could change in 2016?

House races (currently 50/48)

House Democrats are hard at work to retain Representative John Lovick (44th district, South Snohomish County) in the seat to which he was appointed after our longtime friend Hans Dunshee went to the Snohomish County Council.  Other incumbent Democrats facing serious challenges in 2016 include Representative Christine Kilduff (our lesbian rising star from the 28th district, Lakewood and University Place), who won by the slimmest of margins in 2014. We have a strong chance to pick up the other seat in the 28th as well, where newcomer Mari Leavitt is challenging first-term incumbent Dick Muri.  House Democrats must defend an open seat in the 1st district (Bothell and Kirkland) and also have the opportunity to pick up seats in the 5th (Issaquah, North Bend), 17th (Clark County), 26th (Gig Harbor, Bremerton), 30th (Federal Way), 35th (Mason County), and 47th (Covington/Kent) Districts.

Senate Races (currently 23/26)

Democrats must defend Senator Mark Mullet in the 5th district (Issaquah, North Bend) against a strong challenge from an incumbent representative.  Our longtime foe in the 17th district (Vancouver suburbs), Don Benton, is retiring and former Representative Tim Probst has a great chance to retake the open seat.  Four years ago, Tim lost by only 76 votes.  Marisa Peloquin is taking on one of the most virulently anti-gay legislators, Steve O’Ban, in the 28th district (Lakewood/University Place).  And Lisa Wellman is challenging Steve Litzow in the 41st district (Mercer Island/South Bellevue).  By winning at least three of these four key races, Democrats will retake the majority.  We must also help elect Representative Kevin Van De Wege, our longtime ally in the 24th district (Port Angeles), who is running for an open seat against the lobbyist from the Family Policy Institute of Washington.


Join Us!


Please join us for our annual FFM event on 
Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm 
at FareStart
700 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101.

Please email FFM for more information.