Dear Friends,

We ask you to join us in sponsoring the 21st annual Fighting for the Majority.  Last year, your support helped Senator Manka Dhingra win a special election and restore Democratic control of the state Senate.  That change made a profound difference for LGBT civil rights:  as promised, we banned conversion therapy and passed the new Uniform Parentage Act, which provides critical protections for same-sex couples who have children.

The effect of that victory went far beyond LGBT issues, though.  Democrats:

* passed the long-delayed capital budget in January, investing over $1 billion in school construction and other infrastructure projects around the state;

* Invested more than $1 billion in public schools, finally bringing the state into compliance with the Supreme Court order in the McCleary case;

* Protected access to democracy by passing the Voting Rights Act, same-day and automatic voter registration, and pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds;

* Strengthened women’s rights by passing the Equal Pay Act and the Reproductive Parity Act;

* Promoted gun safety by passing a ban on bump stocks, voluntary waiver of firearm rights, and restrictions on possession by those convicted of domestic violence harassment; and

* Enacted supplemental operating, capital, and transportation budgets and adjourned on time!

Control of the state government is up for grabs again in 2018.  Democrats have razor-thin majorities in the House (50-48) and Senate (25-24).  We could lose those majorities – or increase them substantially, including by electing the first two lesbians to the Senate, Claire Wilson (Federal Way) and Emily Randall (Kitsap County) and electing Kathy Gillespie (Vancouver) to grow our LGBT membership in the House of Representatives.

Contributing to Fighting for the Majority is the most efficient and strategic way to ensure that the Democratic majority can continue to fight for LGBT equality. Please join me today in sponsoring Fighting for the Majority.

Please click here to contribute to FFM. Please make your sponsorship by September 28 in order to be recognized in the printed invitation for the event. We look forward to seeing you on October 29 at 5:30 for the event!

Thank you,

Thomas Pitchford & Linda DiLello Morton
Co-Chairs, Fighting for the Majority